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Address and other club details

Ground AddressTelephoneWebsiteDirections to Ground
Winchendon Road
HP18 0DW
No detailsLinkPlease enter ground via the Winchendon Road. Link
Other details
Our Junior Evenings are on a Tuesday so no games planned for this day.

Primary contact details

Club RoleContact NameHomeWork/MobileEmail
Senior contactAdam Lazaruk01844 20808707865 093154adam@rglsurveys.co.uk
Junior contactAngela Gray01844 20210507944290264angela@grayemail.co.uk

Teams and contact details for 2019

TeamContact NameHomeWork/MobileEmail
Under 9sAngela Gray01844 20210507944290264angela@grayemail.co.uk
Under 11sAngela Gray01844 20210507944290264angela@grayemail.co.uk
Under 13sAdam Lazaruk01844 20808707865 093154adam@rglsurveys.co.uk
Under 15sAdam Lazaruk01844 20808707865 093154adam@rglsurveys.co.uk

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