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2022 Fixtures & Results by Division
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Under 11s North

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
Mon May 2 Dinton Chearsley Red Dinton won by 15 runs
Wed May 4 Wendover Red Cublington Wendover won by 76 runs
Thu May 5 Waddesdon N Marston & G'borough Waddesdon won by 40 runs
Thu May 12 Haddenham Wendover Red Wendover won by 26 runs
Thu May 12 N Marston & G'borough Buckland & Aston Clinton B & AC won by 83 runs
Fri May 13 Chearsley Red Waddesdon Match rained off
Mon May 16 Buckland & Aston Clinton Waddesdon Waddesdon won by 72 runs
PB May 20 Cublington Chearsley Red 
Fri May 20 Wendover Red N Marston & G'borough Wendover won by 7 runs
Mon May 23 Chearsley Red Buckland & Aston Clinton B & AC won by 33 runs
Tue May 24 Waddesdon Wendover Red Wendover won by 103 runs
Thu May 26 N Marston & G'borough Dinton Dinton won by 44 runs
Fri May 27 Haddenham Cublington Conceded by Cublington
Mon Jun 6 Dinton Haddenham Dinton won by 11 runs
Tue Jun 7 Cublington N Marston & G'borough Cublington won by 15 runs
Wed Jun 8 Dinton Waddesdon Dinton won by 34 runs
Thu Jun 9 Haddenham Chearsley Red Haddenham won by 27 runs
Thu Jun 9 Wendover Red Buckland & Aston Clinton Wendover won by 115 runs
Mon Jun 13 Waddesdon Cublington Waddesdon won by 1 run
Tue Jun 14 Buckland & Aston Clinton Dinton Dinton won by 28 runs
Thu Jun 16 Chearsley Red Wendover Red Wendover won by 12 runs
Thu Jun 16 N Marston & G'borough Haddenham Haddenham won by 21 runs
Mon Jun 20 Buckland & Aston Clinton Haddenham B & AC won by 17 runs
Wed Jun 22 Cublington Dinton Cublington won by 16 runs
Tue Jun 28 Haddenham Waddesdon Waddesdon won by 3 runs
Wed Jun 29 Dinton Wendover Red Dinton won by 46 runs
Wed Jun 29 Cublington Buckland & Aston Clinton B & AC won by 44 runs
Fri Jul 1 N Marston & G'borough Chearsley Red Conceded by Chearsley

PB = Play By date.

For rules relating to play by date for Under 15s and below please see notes on the league info page.

Senior and Under 17s games may be played up to 2 weeks after their Play By Date but no later than the 8th July.

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