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2021 Fixtures & Results by Division
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Under 11s North

DateHome TeamAway TeamResult
Mon Apr 26 Waddesdon Red Stewkley Vicarage Match tied
PB Apr 30 N Marston & G'borough Haddenham 
PB Apr 30 Chearsley  
Fri May 7 Haddenham Waddesdon Red Haddenham won by 5 runs
Fri May 7 Stewkley Vicarage Chearsley Stewkley won by 51 runs
PB May 7 N Marston & G'borough  
PB May 14 N Marston & G'borough Chearsley 
PB May 14 Waddesdon Red  
PB May 21 N Marston & G'borough Waddesdon Red 
PB May 21 Chearsley Haddenham 
PB May 21 Stewkley Vicarage  
PB May 28 Stewkley Vicarage N Marston & G'borough 
PB May 28 Waddesdon Red Chearsley 
PB May 28 Haddenham  
Mon Jun 7 Stewkley Vicarage Waddesdon Red Stewkley won by 2 runs
PB Jun 11 Haddenham N Marston & G'borough 
PB Jun 11 Chearsley  
Mon Jun 14 Chearsley Stewkley Vicarage Match tied
Thu Jun 17 Waddesdon Red Haddenham Haddenham won by 29 runs
PB Jun 18 N Marston & G'borough  
Thu Jun 24 Stewkley Vicarage Haddenham Stewkley won by 89 runs
PB Jun 25 Chearsley N Marston & G'borough 
PB Jun 25 Waddesdon Red  
PB Jul 2 Waddesdon Red N Marston & G'borough 
Fri Jul 2 Haddenham Chearsley Haddenham won by 14 runs
PB Jul 2 Stewkley Vicarage  
Mon Jul 5 Chearsley Waddesdon Red Waddesdon won by 85 runs
Mon Jul 5 Haddenham Stewkley Vicarage Stewkley won by 23 runs
PB Jul 9 N Marston & G'borough Stewkley Vicarage 
PB Jul 9 Haddenham  

PB = Play By date.

Junior games may be played in earlier weeks.

All junior games must be play by the 9th July.

Senior games may be played up to 2 weeks after their Play By Date but no later than the 23th July.

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